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Our Products

Our Products

Our Shipping Rates and Policies

Decor Music International ships all orders via FedEx. Several different rates are available, depending upon the package dimension, how fast you want to receive your order, and where you want your order shipped. Available shipping methods are:

  • Most biger packages will go through UPS or  FedEx Ground. Or Post office for small packages. (The method we use if you do not specify)
  • UPS Second Day
  • UPS Next Dayedex International (2nd Day -- selected destinations only)
  • Most of the International shipment  will use Post Office, unless you specify.

You can select one of these methods when you fill out your order form. For more information on these shipping methods, click here to go to the FedEx Web site.

Additional Information

Because the contents of orders vary, and because we do not bill you for your order until it ships, it is not possible to estimate in advance exactly what your shipping charge will be. However, if you check the "Call about shipping" box on your order form, we will call you and tell you what your shipping charge will be before we ship your order. Meanwhile, here is some information that might be helpful:

  • Additional charges will apply for shipping instruments, cases and oversized items second-day or overnight.
  • Additional charges will also apply for shipping cellos, cello cases, and string basses using standard shipping.
  • There will be an additional charge for each instrument, instrument outfit or instrument case ordered. Cello outfits can only be shipped in a soft cello bag or a case due to neck support issues in shipping. String bass shipments always require a shipping quote. A shipping quote will be sent to you within 2 business days of your order. Orders with a shipping quote will not be delivered on Saturday.

Express Shipping

In-stock orders placed before 12 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday will ship the same day.

We do not offer Saturday express delivery service. Therefore, overnight purchases placed on Friday before 12 p.m Pacific Time will be delivered Monday, and second-day purchases made on Friday before 12 p.m. Pacific time will be delivered Tuesday. Average delivery time for standard shipping is four to seven business days. Holidays, weekends, days closed, and severe weather will affect shipping delivery dates.

Note: During the summer months (which in Reno, NV are nominally May through September), orders that include instruments with certain finishs (generally more expensive instruments with softer varnishes) may not ship out from our warehouse on days that would cause them to be in transit over a weekend. This is done at our discretion; the intention of this policy is to greatly reduce the possibility of heat damage occurring to the instrument. This policy applies to all shipping classes (standard, second-day and overnight), since even overnight orders shipped out on Friday will not be delivered until the next Monday.

For example, a second-day order for an in-stock violin that is placed on Friday morning may not ship out from our warehouse until the following Monday. In this case, you should not expect delivery of this order until Wednesday.

Oversize/Heavy Shipping Charges

Orders that are oversize or extremely heavy may incur additional shipping charges. You will be notified of any additional shipping charges by email before the order is processed.

International Shipping Information

If you are ordering from outside the U.S.A., you may still place your order using our Web site. We will email you within 2 business days with a link to the possible shipping options and their cost for you to choose from. Once you make your decision, processing your order will take an additional 2-4 business days.

String Orders

For standard shipping, special string shipping rate offers can be combined in the same order with other non-string items, with certain limitations (see table below). However, you will still be charged shipping for the non-strings portion of your order.

Shipping cost for String only 
   Standard Shipping Min. Charges: $6.50, plus insurance based on current Post Office rate.
   Overnight and Second-Day Shipping: Bassed on current Post Office Official rate. Also plus insurance.

  For expedited (second-day or overnight) orders with both string and other non-string items, normal shipping rates will be charged for the whole order (this table does not apply).

Note: For orders with both strings and non-string items, if the total of the string items in the order are less than $35.00, normal shipping rates will be charged for the whole order (this table does not apply).

We do not ship partial shipments due to out of stock products on international orders. If there is an item not currently in our warehouse, we will omit the out-of-stock items from the order and send only the items that are in stock. You will only be charged for the items that are actually shipped.

We are unable to ship flammable liquids internationally. This includes polishes, varnishes and bow hair rejuvenation kits.

For customers outside the United States, there will be duties and/or taxes on the merchandise you purchase that you may be responsible for paying. The amount is determined by your country. Delays in customs and severe weather will affect delivery dates.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service by using the customer service page on our site.

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