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Cello Case
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Our Products

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Carbon Cello Case (SKU: CCc)Carbon Cello Case (SKU: CCc)Spring 2019 promotion Sale, End May 1.  2019.
Carbon Graphite Cello Case. 6.5lbs
Many colors are available.
Concord Wood Cello Case (SKU: CC12)Concord Wood Cello Case (SKU: CC12)"Concord Cello case with hygrometer and humidifier. Wood stucture, Suspension. Fixed with high quality European hardware. No wheel.
German Carbon Hybrid Cello Case (SKU: CCcg)German Carbon Hybrid Cello Case (SKU: CCcg)German Carbon Hybrid 4/4 cello case. 
Super Light Cello Case 3/4 (SKU: CCL)Super Light Cello Case 3/4 (SKU: CCL)"Arrow SuperLight" Cello case. 1/2 and 3/4 Canvas ext, Velour int. Two bow holder. Big back music pocket. Two shoulder straps.
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