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ProArte Violin Strings
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Our Products

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ProArte Strings (SKU: SJ56set)ProArte Strings (SKU: SJ56set)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string set. This nylon core string is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, with a moderate break-in period. Pro-Arte Strings have a warm sound and a good bow response. They provide strength and long string life. Add 10% for individual package.
ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU813d)ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU813d)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string D: Alum. and Steel.
ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU814G)ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU814G)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string G: Silver, Steel.
ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU813ds)ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU813ds)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string D: Silver
ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SJ56e)ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SJ56e)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string Steel E.
ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SJ56wset)ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SJ56wset)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string Wound E.
ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU812a)ProArte Violin Strings (SKU: SU812a)"D'Addario - Pro.Arte": Violin string Alum and Steel A.
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