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Our Products

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humidifier for inside cases (SKU: HuNC)humidifier for inside cases (SKU: HuNC)Humidifier for inside instrument case. Matching holder is available.
Humidifier Holder (SKU: HdHu)Humidifier Holder (SKU: HdHu)Holder for Humidifier. Attaches to the inside of a case. Colors: Wine Red, Blue, Green
Hygrometer Holder (SKU: HdHy)Hygrometer Holder (SKU: HdHy)Holder for Hygrometer. Attaches to the inside of a case. Colors: Wine Red, Blue, Green
Irish Green Rosin (SKU: RsRi)Irish Green Rosin (SKU: RsRi)Irish green rosin
Pitch Pipes (SKU: Tn4)Pitch Pipes (SKU: Tn4)Tuning Pitch pipes
Poehland Pad (SKU: SrNp)Poehland Pad (SKU: SrNp)"Poehland Pad", Crescent-shaped, cloth-covered rubber pad. Attaches with leather strap and elastic band.
Polish Supersensitive (SKU: Plss)Polish Supersensitive (SKU: Plss)
Shoulder Rests (SKU: SrN3)Shoulder Rests (SKU: SrN3)"Resonans" Violin shoulder rest, No.3 (High)
String tube holder (SKU: HdStb)String tube holder (SKU: HdStb)Double Holder for String tube. Attaches to the inside of a case. Colors: Wine Red, Blue, Green
String Tubes (SKU: Tustg)String Tubes  (SKU: Tustg)String tube for inside Vn/Va case.
Stringed Instrument Polishes (SKU: PlssK)Stringed Instrument Polishes (SKU: PlssK)Super Sensitive Polish, Made in USA.
Stringed Instrument Rosins (SKU: RsRa)Affordable Rosin, Recommended for Students
Suzuki Violin Tuner (SKU: TnN3S)Suzuki Violin Tuner (SKU: TnN3S)Suzuki style fix on the string between bridge and tailpiece
Thomastic Rosin (SKU: Rs205)Thomastic Rosin (SKU: Rs205)"Dr. Thomastik" Rosin. Round plastic holder, metal wrap, for Bass.
Tonewolf Mute (SKU: MuNtw)Tonewolf Mute (SKU: MuNtw)Made of Stainless steel, The top hollow cylinder-shape makes the tone more enjoyable.
Tourte Violin Rubber Mutes (SKU: MuNr1)Tourte Violin Rubber Mutes (SKU: MuNr1)"Tourte" rubber mutes for Violin. Single hole.
Tuning Fork (SKU: TnFk)Tuning Fork (SKU: TnFk)Tuning Fork
Wire Mutes (SKU: MuNw)Wire Mutes (SKU: MuNw)Slide-On Wire mutes for Violin. Wire with weights encased in a plastic roller. It can remain on the instrument when not in use.
Wittner Tuner (SKU: TnNeu)Wittner Tuner (SKU: TnNeu)Wittner Uni Model, Double prong.
Wittner Violin String Adjusters (SKU: TnNSw)Wittner String Adjusters, Long lever, 2 prong. Nichel.
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